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1、The family is shaping excellent personality life textbook, is to stimulate the spirit of power source, is the emotional rain nourishes the soul. 亲情是塑造优秀人格的人生教科书,是激发力量的精神源泉,是滋养心灵的情感雨露。


2、Between heaven and earth there is a thing called snow, drop from the clouds, the ground; the friend is a man who is you, know in the accident, stop at the permanent. 天地间有一种东西叫雪,从天而降,落地而化;朋友中有一个人是你,识于偶然,止于永久。 3、Affection is like water, so that all become pure filtered; it makes the flat family, by burning the more edges; the family is poetry, so boring after modified reached a kind of artistic conception. The family, life eternal power. 亲情如水,使纷繁经过过滤变得纯净;亲情似火,使平淡通过煅烧日显棱角;亲情是诗,使乏味经过修饰达到一种意境。

亲情,生命永恒的动力。 4、It is the general rule that all superior men inherit the elements of superiority from their mother. 一切优秀的人通常都从他们的母亲那里继承优良的因素。

5、Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. 家是我们所爱的地方,双脚可以离开,心却不能。 6、A good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. 一个好母亲相当于百个好老师。

7、The family is a constant shear flows, flow of mind wandering forever; love is like a hill endless sand, precipitation is the long-term accumulation of care; family like the night sky the Beidou, guided the lost lamb is the direction to go home. 亲情犹如一江剪不断的春水,流动的是游子心中永远的思念;亲情犹如一丘数不尽的细沙,沉淀的是长年堆积的牵挂;亲情犹如夜空中那颗北斗,指引的是那迷路的羔羊回家的方向。 8、If you are a winter grass, affection is the sun, warm your cold body. 如果你是冬日的小草,亲情就是太阳,为你温暖冰冷的身躯。

9、The family, is Mulan for the father of story; affection, is this story; affection, is A Bing the moon reflected in the melody. 亲情,是木兰替父的故事;亲情,是孟母三迁的佳话;亲情,是阿炳二泉映月的旋律。 10、The family is the rain, take irritable, leaving Qingliang; affection is the wind, blowing the sorrow, stay happy; the family is the sun, taking away the darkness, leaving the light. The family is the most great, no matter you are happy, frustration, pain, loss, it will gently on your way, quietly with your life. 亲情是雨,带走烦燥,留下轻凉;亲情是风,吹走忧愁,留下愉快;亲情是太阳,带走黑暗,留下光明。


2. 关于亲情的英文优美句子



A placid parent makes a placid home.


The family is one of nature's masterpieces.


It is wise father that knows his own child.


It is the general rule that all superior men inherit the elements of superiority from their mother.


The greatest thing in family life is to take a hint when a hint is intended-and not to take a hint when a hint is not intended.


3. 关于亲情的英语句子

You sacrifice with any left . Your kindness , I'll respond in the future , because we're family , a most harmonious one.这是比较初级的语法翻译。

(With)You sparing no efforts sacrificing , I 'll pay back in the near future as a result your kindness , which is on account of that we compose a family which is the most harmonious .



4. 关于“感恩亲情”的英语句子有哪些


It doesn't matter who my father was, it matters who I remember he was。—— Anne Sexton


A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning un-necessary.——D.C, Fisher


All I am, or can be, I owe to my angel mother. ——Abraham Lincol


We never know the love of the parents until we become parents ourselves. ——Henry Ward Beecher


The family you came from isn't as important as the family you are going to have.

——D.Herbert Lawrence


A good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. ——George Herbert



some people believe parents are the most important pople in our whole life.

i believe in that,too.my mom birth me with great pain,though i can't feel that,i know that must be very hard for her.my father working hard to make me live a comfortable life .

i know they they love me,and i swear i'll try my best to make them haapy.

i must learn hard and help them with the housework.

i can help them wash the dishes clothes,and i can help to them cook food.

i'll try all i can to go to a good collegue,then find a great job to make my dream and their dream come true.

i love my parents.

5. 急

1East or west,home is the best.东方西方,家才是最好的地方。

2To the world you may be just one person,but to one person you may be the world.对于整个世界来说,你可能只是一个人;而对于某个人来讲,你可能意味着整个世界。3My mother had a slender,small body,but a large heart--a heart so large that everybody's grief and everybody's joy found welcome in it.--Mark Twain虽然我的母亲身躯瘦弱、纤细,可她的胸怀却很博大--她可以包容每个人的痛苦和快乐。

4Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.孩子记住你并不是因为你给他提供了多少物质上的东西,而是因为你呵护珍爱他时给他带来的感受。5A father's love can be compared to a mountain.Although we do not look at it everyday,when you fall down,it's just behind you.父爱像一座高山。

虽然我们不必每天仰望,可是跌倒时,山就在背后。6Love triumphs over everything.Love has no age,no limit and no death.爱可以战胜一切。


6. 关于亲情 母爱的英文语句

Mother's Hands 母亲的手 by Janie Emaus As teenagers we live in a different world from our mothers, a world where mothers hang out on the peripheries. Of course, almost everyone has one; they are unavoidable annoyances. Today, as I approach that edge, as I am the one with the teenage daughter, I look at my mother through different eyes. And I sometimes wish I could halt the years and stop her from growing older, stop her from repeating herself. 作为孩子,我们生活在和母亲不同的世界里,生活在一个由母亲监控的世界里。

当然,几乎每个人都有一个这样的世界,这是不可避免的烦恼。 现在,当我也处在监控的位置上,当我也成为一个女孩的母亲时,我开始从另一个角度来看我的母亲。

有时候,我希望自己能够让时间停止,让我的母亲不再变得衰老,让她不再一遍遍地唠叨。 We sit at my kitchen table as the sun designs a mosaic of light on the tile floor. My daughter, Anna, sits next to my mother. "When is Rick going to be here?" my mother asks, referring to my husband. "I don't know, Mom," I answer patiently. "He'll be here for dinner." 我们坐在餐桌旁边,阳光照在地板上,形成马赛克状的光斑。

我的女儿安娜就坐在我母亲旁边。 “瑞克什么时候来?”母亲问。

瑞克是我的丈夫。 “我不知道,妈妈,”我耐心地回答,“他会来这儿吃饭。”

I sigh and get up from the table. This is at least the tenth time she has asked that question in as many minutes. While my mother and daughter play Monopoly, I busy myself making a salad. "Don't put in any onions," Mom says. "You know how Daddy hates onions." 我叹了口气,站起身来。不大一会工夫,她已经问了不下十遍了。

妈妈和女儿在玩强手棋,我则忙着做沙拉。 “别放洋葱,”妈妈说,“你知道你爸爸有多讨厌洋葱。”

"Yes, Mom," I answer, shoving the scallions back into the fridge. I scrub off a carrot and chop it into bite-size pieces. I thrust the knife into the carrot with more force than is necessary. A slice falls onto the floor. “好的,妈妈。”我回答道,顺手把洋葱又塞进冰箱。


有一片罗卜掉到了地上。 "Don't put any onions in the salad," she reminds me. "You know how Daddy hates onions." This time I can't answer. I just keep cutting. Chopping. Tearing. If only I could chop away the years. Shred the age from my mother's face and hands. “沙拉里一点洋葱也不要放,”她提醒我,“你知道你爸爸有多讨厌洋葱。”

这次我没有回答。 我只是不停地切着、剁着、流着泪。


My mother had been beautiful. She still is. In fact, my mother is still everything she has been, just a bit forgetful. I try to convince myself that's all that it is, and if she really concentrated, she would not repeat herself so much. There isn't anything wrong with her. 母亲一直都很漂亮。现在也是。


她并没有什么毛病。 I cut off the end of the cucumber and rub it against the stalk to take away the bitterness. The white juice oozes out the sides. Wouldn't it be nice if all unpleasant situations could be so easily remedied? Cut and rub. This is a trick I have learned from my mother, along with a trillion other things: cooking, sewing, dating, laughing, thinking. I learned how to grow up. I learned the art of sorting through emotions. 我切下黄瓜的一端,用它在黄瓜上摩擦以消除苦味。



And I learned that when my mother was around, I never had to be afraid. So why am I afraid now? 而且我知道,只要母亲在旁边,没有什么东西可以让我害怕。 那么,现在我为什么害怕呢? I study my mother's hands. Her nails are no longer a bright red, but painted a light pink, almost no color at all. And as I stare at them, I realize I am no longer looking at those hands but feeling them as they shaped my youth. Hands that packed a thousand lunches and wiped a million tears off my cheeks. Hands that tucked confidence into each day of my life. 我仔细端详母亲的手。


这是一双为我装过成千上万次午餐,无数次从我的脸颊擦去泪水的手,是一双在我生命中的每一天都给我信心的手。 I turn away and throw the cucumber into the bowl. And then it hits me. My 。